The Efficient Software Solution

Field Pocket will rip you from the heaps of paperwork and place you back into your harvest.

As a farmer’s wife and farm business manager, I have witnessed first hand the stress and tension of bookkeeping during harvest season.

That’s why I created Field Pocket, to alleviate those burdens so you can retain your focus on the field.

Our mission is to increase your quality of life on the farm for generations to come.

-Peggy Meyer

What is Field Pocket?

Field Pocket is the software application to keep track of farmers’ harvest data, from grain contracts, to managing delivery tickets and settlement sheets, to linking all the documents in organized reports.

The app automates previously manual tasks on the farm to create a more efficient and reliable tracking system for farmers, allowing them to ditch their paper-and-pen approach and automate data analysis related to grain tracking and payments.

Manage Reports

Automatically match scale tickets to contracts and settlement sheets, producing detailed reports that can be customized based on tags.

Upload Photos

Take pictures of contracts, scale tickets, and settlement sheets from Field Pocket’s mobile application or upload respective photos from camera roll.

Integrate Data

Field Pocket transcribes contracts, scale tickets, and settlement sheets — integrating everything into customizable reports for quick access.

So What Are the Benefits?

Field Pocket helps to:

  • Reduce the time spent and stress associated with bookkeeping.
  • Decreases data entry errors and inefficiencies around tracking and managing harvest paperwork.
  • Helps increase profit as your operation becomes more efficient, transparent, and controllable.
  • Allows you to find lost loads easier by providing you with digital copies you can easily search through.
  • Produces customized reports for easier management.

So, are you ready to increase your profit?

Organized Dashboard

Access contracts, scale tickets, settlement sheets, and automated reports in one easy sweep.

Instant Notifications

Field Pocket transcribes contracts, scale tickets, and settlement sheets — integrating everything into customizable reports for quick access.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Farmers and farm business managers who produce all types of grain.

We’ve noticed other companies usually have aspects of what we offer, but not an all-in-one solution like Field Pocket. Field Pocket is designed by and for farmers — our software is affordable and has everything you need to manage your harvest data. We are an independent company, not affiliated with any other agricultural organization, and don’t share farmers’ data.

Field Pocket aims to be the solution you can depend on and we value your feedback. We invite you to share your thoughts with our team if our software is not meeting your needs. However, if we aren’t the right fit, you are more than welcome to cancel your service at any time.

No. We stand against large agriculture companies exploiting farmers’ data for their own benefit. We’ve been there — it’s time for a new way of business — where farmers control who they share their data with.